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    1:1 Device – Parental Contribution Scheme

    Enable true anywhere, anytime access to learning for your students by providing them with access to affordable technology, in a safe and supported environment.

    Concero’s exclusive scheme allows parents to pay a monthly contribution to devices, with access to our support, safeguarding, filtering and monitoring software and fully insured.

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1:1 Device Scheme

Marling School

Benefit from a safe, secure and fully supported laptop for your child. 

Concero Education and Marling School are working together to enable students to easily access the power of technology to enhance their learning.

Our devices scheme has everything you need to utilise a laptop for school work, both in the classroom and at home. Parental contributions will enable students at Marling to benefit from laptops designed to support their learning at home and in school, in a safe and secure way.

Pay a monthly contribution, or make a one off contribution to support your child with exclusive access to a device for the periods shown, with the option to purchase the device at the end of the scheme period.

Including: A specially chosen device, insurance and warranty, technical support, software and monitoring for a monthly or one off cost.


Software Included

Benefit from full access to Office 365 apps, cloud storage, internet filtering and safeguarding software on your device.

Affordable Contributions

Pay a monthly contribution, or a one off payment to give exclusive access to a laptop for your child with accidental damage and theft insurance included.

Technical Support

Concero provide the IT support for Marling school, and you get exclusive access to our device scheme helpdesk - for all year round support.

Find out more about how the Parental Contribution Scheme works:

Explore the Laptop Options

Introducing the Acer Spinbook for Year 7 Students and the Asus Expertbook for Years 10 to 13. Two laptops that have been chosen to meet the needs of Marling Students at key points in their education

Year 7 - Acer Spinbook B1 Specifications:

Model: Acer TravelMate B3 Spin 11 TMB311RN-33-TCO

Screen: 11.6"  Touch Screen
Processor: Intel N-series - N200
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 128 GB SSD 
Website Link: Acer Website (please note, that the specifications listed on the website may not reflect those above, as these have been custom ordered)

Years 10, 11, 12, 13 - Asus Expertbook B1 Specifications:

Screen: 15.6" Non touch screen
Processor: Intel I5-1335U
Storage: 256GB SSD
Website Link: Asus Website (please note that the specification listed on the website may not reflect those above as these have been custom ordered.)

Discover what's included

3 year warranty

Simply use the parent's app to log a hardware issue

Technical Support provided by Concero Education

Open all year, Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5pm - get exclusive technical support for your device via our portal. Ask any questions for guidance, or get remote support to resolve any issues.

Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance

For the length of the scheme the school provide, subject to a £50 excess for each claim, accidental damage and theft cover through an insurance scheme - the laptop will be repaired or replaced in the event of Accidental Damage or Theft 

Microsoft Windows 11 & Office 365

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and storage via OneDrive all included, mirroring the systems in school to be accessed anywhere

Internet Filtering and Safeguarding Monitoring Software

Devices will be filtered as if they were in school, ensuring your child's safety. With monitoring software logging any safeguarding concerns.

Payment Options

This is a parental contribution scheme, meaning the devices remain the property of the school, but with pupils gaining exclusive use of the device for the period shown, including being able to use it in lessons and outside of school.

You will not own the device. 

You can choose to pay a monthly amount to spread the cost, or a one off upfront payment for the length of the scheme term. No credit checks are required, and no interest is chargeable. However, if you choose the monthly option, it will cost you more - as additional insurance and management costs are required of the school.

You can pay a final amount to own the device 

If you wish to keep the device at the end, you can pay a final amount and own it, with the device reset to factory standards. The Warranty will only be valid for 3 years from date of the scheme starting, and the Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance, and the Concero Support both cease when the device ownership has transferred.

What if I can't afford the payments in the future?

Please contact the school as soon as possible to discuss your options. We may be able to offer flexible payment options to cover the outstanding amount.

Ordering and Delivery

All orders are subject to availability, and confirmation of delivery dates once the ordering period has ended. Our aim is to get devices for all delivered to students by October 2024, with priority being years 10 through 13 in line with their upcoming exams. 

Our current expectations are that Yr 7 will be available for students from October 24 and Years 10,11,12,13 from September 24.

You won't be charged your first payment until your child has their device.

To order

Please visit the portal, and enter the relevant code - links can be found further down this page. 

You will not be charged when you place your order, please sign up for the direct debit for payment to be taken (if you have chosen the single payment method, your payment will be taken by a single direct debit when you have had the device)


Frequently Asked Questions

When will payments be taken?

  • Once your child has received the device.

Do I need credit checks or a good credit rating?

  • This is not a credit agreement, and such no credit checks are required.

Will I own the device?

  • You will only own the device if you pay the additional cost to own amount listed at the end of the scheme. The device is then wiped and reset for you.
  • All devices that you are not paying to own must be returned to the school at the end of the scheme.

Why is the device cheaper to buy outright then pay monthly?

  • The costs associated with providing the scheme are reduced as there is no need for additional insurance and collecting/managing payments when a single payment is made.

Why is the single payment less as the term of the scheme decreases?

  • Accidental Damage and Theft insurance, licences and support costs are only valid for the length of the scheme, so with shorter lease durations, the cost is reduced.

I can get the device cheaper from another retailer

  • This scheme includes full technical support, warranty, insurance, software, monitoring and internet filtering that is not available elsewhere, in a comprehensive bundle.
  • For years 8, 9, 10 & 11 aside from existing school provided Chromebooks, no other devices are allowed within school. This is for security and safeguarding of our network and students.

Can I install my own software on the device?

  • No, the devices will be fully managed by the school. They will come with all the software required for children to learn. You will be able to access the internet and printers when at home - but neither are provided by the school.

Will this work if I don't have the internet?

  • Whilst the devices for work with limited options in an offline scenario, the internet is required to utilise the devices to their full potential.

Will the school/Concero be able to see what I am doing?

  • Yes, internet requests are logged and are passed through school filters to safeguard students
  • The device will have safeguarding software in place, if certain phrases or keywords are detected, a screen shot is logged and sent to the school.

Will I have admin credentials?

  • No, the device is fully managed by the school
  • If you purchase the device at the end of the scheme, it will be as if it were brand new out the box, with all software and limitations removed.

Why do I have to give my direct debit details for a single payment?

  • Because you won't make your first payment until you have the device, a single direct debit will be taken upon you getting the device. No further payments will be taken.

Will I own the device if I make all monthly payments or a one off payment?

  • No, you must make the additional final payment detailed to own the device. All other devices must be returned to the school.


Important Scheme Information - Please read before ordering.

Important Information - please read before you place your order.

Scheme Information

This is a parental contribution scheme, enabling the school to provide a dedicated device for your child to use during the period outlined above. You will not own the device, unless you choose to make a final payment to own. The details of this payment are within your portal and detailed below.

You can choose to make a one off payment, or a monthly payment. Neither of these payment types will mean you own the device.

Length of Scheme:

Year 7 - 36 months, with the option in year 10 to move to the Asus scheme.
Year 10  - 48 months
Year 11 - 36 months
Year 12 - 24 months
Year 13 - 12 months

Optional cost to own:

10 - £88.79 + VAT
11 - £151.61 + VAT
12 - £152.01 + VAT
13 - 142.43 + VAT

Device Configuration

The device will be pre-configured, and there will be no administrative access to the device for any users. The software deployed to the devices and it's configuration is decided by the school, the owners of the devices. This includes configuration of internet filtering and safeguarding monitoring software. Please be aware, that internet usage will be monitored and filtered via any connection, and that the device will be monitored for certain words or phrases which may be input or appear, and that screenshots will be taken, viewed and stored at any time.

Whilst every effort has been made to secure the devices listed, Concero and Marling School reserve the right to amend specifications, makes and models of devices due to stock availability, replacing with an equal specification then those listed, or, cancelling your order if no device can be supplied.

Payment Information

Payments are managed by CPU on behalf of Marling School. 

VAT is not chargeable on the parental contribution payments, but is on the final payment to own the device.

Should you choose to make the final payment to own, and all other payments are correct and up-to-date - the ownership of the device will transfer to you, and all settings, data, software will be wiped from the devices remotely, so the device is as new.

Failure to keep up with payments could mean the school is unable to continue to provide the device. Please speak with your school if you are in financial difficulty. When you order the device, you are committed to the cost of the scheme. There are no refunds unless agreed by the school.

Concero provide technical support for this scheme only. All payment enquiries should be made through Marling School, and all questions in regards to warranties and insurance claims should be logged via the CPU Parent Portal, details of which will be given when you order the device.

If you leave the school, you must pay the amount committed (the total monthly cost or one off payment) unless the school can find someone to take on the remaining contributions on your behalf.


Portal Codes - Order now.

Please enter the codes for the relevant year group when you click sign up below:

  • Year 7 - CBAT2024Y7
  • Year 10 - CBAT2024Y10
  • Year 11 - CBAT2024Y11
  • Year 12 - CBAT2024Y12
  • Year 13 - CBAT2024Y13

Sign up here


Place your order:

Please select the scheme for your year group from September 24, make a note of the code displayed, and click Order Now to be taken to the sign up portal. From here you can select your payment options.

Year 7

Acer Spinbook (36 Months)
£ 16

  • Portal Code:
  • Single Payment Option: £456.09

Year 10

Asus Expertbook (48 Months)
£ £20

  • Portal Code
  • Single Payment Option: £749.86

Year 11

Asus Expertbook (36 Months)
£ 22

  • Portal Code
  • Single Payment Option: £620.63

Year 12

Asus Expertbook (24 Months)
£ 27

  • Portal Code
  • Single Payment Option: £555.62

Year 13

Asus Expertbook (12 Months)
£ 49

  • Portal Code
  • Single Payment Option: £500.15