• IT Support for Education

    Providing IT Support to Schools and MATs is in Concero’s DNA. It’s what we were born to do. Take a look at our options, by your type of establishment or by the type of support you require:

    MIS Support

    Benefit from Arbor accredited support from our team, bringing your IT Support and MIS Support under one team

  • Products

    User Automate

    Sync your users from your MIS System to your Microsoft or Google platform.

    Sync staff and student timetables, user photos as well as create teams and Google classrooms.

    Office 365 Backup

    Backup your Teams, Email, OneDrive and SharePoint data for all cloud users with a fully managed solution

    SIMS Cloud

    Are you looking to move to the cloud, but are tied into using SIMS or FMS? 

    Move your legacy systems to the cloud with Concero Education’s SIMS Cloud

  • Information Assurance

    Benchmark Reports

    Benchmarks are our easy to follow reports showing if your system meet requirements, based on DfE Digital technology Standards

    Cyber Security

    Our Cyber Security products will provide the advice and guidance that you need to ensure systems are safe and secure

    Cyber Security & E-Safety Training

    Our onsite or remote training on statutory topics help engage parents and staff and can be booked in person or remotely.

  • Moving Schools to the cloud

    Cloud Migration Options

    Benefit from a safe, secure and affordable Cloud environment by migrating your users, devices and data to Microsoft or Google Cloud Solutions.

    Move Legacy Systems to the Cloud

    Do you want to run SIMS, FMS, Sage or other systems in the cloud? Store your data in your Microsoft Tenancy and use single sign on to access legacy software.

    Watch real transformation journeys

    Seeing is believing – our powerful case studies bring to life our transformations in schools across the UK and showcasing the work of Concero and our partners.

  • Accessibility Solutions

    Ensuring that everyone can benefit from education

    We believe that technology is a force for good in education, opening up life opportunities for students and staff.

    Concero are proudly Headline Sponsors of Nasen –
    The National Association for Special Educational Needs

  • Procurement for Education

    Procurement Service

    When it comes to procuring technology for your school, the multitude of choices can be overwhelming, leaving you with too many options and too little time. 

    Instead of overwhelming you with technical jargon, our experienced team provide you with independent, expert advice on the best steps forward, at competitive prices.

    1:1 Device – Parental Contribution Scheme

    Enable true anywhere, anytime access to learning for your students by providing them with access to affordable technology, in a safe and supported environment.

    Concero’s exclusive scheme allows parents to pay a monthly contribution to devices, with access to our support, safeguarding, filtering and monitoring software and fully insured.

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DfE Technology Standards

Helping you meet technical standards that keep your systems safe and future – proof

Meeting digital and technical standards

The DfE has produced standards across a range of important areas to help leaders make informed decisions when it comes to technology in schools.

Meeting the standards provided by the DfE can help schools make the right choices to ensure their systems are safer, more cost-efficient practices and new learning opportunities for students.

We work across all our services, solutions and products to ensure we meet and often exceed the standards, and our experienced team are able to advise you on best practice.


  • Schools should use full fibre connection for their broadband
  • They should have a backup broadband connection
  • They should have appropriate IT security and safeguarding systems in place
  • Switches should provide fast, reliable and secure connections for both wired and wireless clients
  • Have a centrally managed controller
  • Switches should have security features to protect users and data from unauthorised access
  • Core network switches should be connected to at least one UPS
  • Copper cabling should be Category 6A
  • Optical fibre cabling should me a minimum of 16 Core multi mode OM4
  • New cabling should be installed and tested in line with manufactures guidance, warranty and conditions
  • Use the latest wireless network standard approved by Wi-Fi Alliance
  • Have a fully functional signal from your wireless across the entire campus, including externally if required
  • Have a centrally managed solution
  • Install security features to stop unauthorised access
  • Protect all devices on every network with a properly configured boundary or software firewall
  • Network devices should be known and recorded with their security features enabled, correctly configured and kept up-to-date
  • Accounts should only have the access they require to perform their roles
  • You should use MFA 
  • You should use anti-malware
  • An administrator should check the security of all applications
  • All online devices and software should be licenced and patched
  • You should have at least 3 backup copies of important data, on at least 2 separate devices. 1 must be offsite
  • You should have a tried and tested disaster recovery include a reguarly tested contingency plan
  • Serious cyber attacks should be reported
  • You must conduct DPIAs
  • Train all staff in basics of cyber security
  • You should identify and assign roles and responsibilities to manage your filtering and monitoring system
  • You should review your filtering and monitoring provision annually
  • Filtering systems should block harmful and inappropriate content, without impacting teaching and learning
  • You should have effective monitoring strategies that meet the safeguarding needs of your school or college
  • Use cloud solutions as an alternative to locally-hosted systems including servers
  • Cloud solutions must follow data protection legislation
  • They should use ID and access management tools
  • Solutions should be always available on a range of devices
  • Data backup must be in place
  • All servers and related storage platforms should continue to workif any single component fails
  • Servers and storage platforms must be secure and follow data protection legislation
  • All servers and storage platforms should be energy efficient and set up to reduce power consumption whilst meeting needs
  • All server and storage platforms should be kept and used in an appropriate physical environoment

How Concero can help

Concero Protect – Cyber Security

Our education specific cyber security solution not only finds the problems, but solves them pro-actively and trains your users.

Perfect for: Cyber Security Standard

Concero Migrate – Cloud Solution

Cloud migration and ongoing platform management for users, devices and data to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Perfect for: Cloud Solution Standard

Concero Backup – Data Backup

Backup data from within Microsoft365, including Teams, Email, OneDrive and Sharepoint daily.

Perfect for: Cloud Solutions and Cyber Security Standards

Hardware & Software Sales

When we supply hardware, software and infrastructure solutions we make sure that they meet DfE Standards – as standard!

Perfect for: All Standards

Filtering & Monitoring 

All our connectivity solutions and devices are managed via solutions that provide compliant monitoring and filtering

Perfect for: Filtering & Monitoring

Concero Automate

Ensuring users are licenced and managed and in the correct groups with the right access automatically applied from MIS data.

Perfect for: Cyber Security Standard

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